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MINAA GROUP Minaa Group is one of the Middle East largest, well-diversified and most reputable business groups in the mineral Industry. A strong management team with extensive experience in mineral exploration & processing, corporate development & strategic fund management has provided the group with upside opportunities to grow its clientele while continuing to focus on its core area of operations, namely minerals. Minaa group believes in profitably and positively servicing the requirements of all its stakeholders- Customers, Employees, Suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Minaa group believes in constantly strengthening its competitive position through ongoing improvements in the products profile, sales, service capabilities and market focus. Vision
Our vision is to be an organization that delivers reliable products and services through stringent quality control, eco-friendly manufacturing process to our customers and in the process improve our financial strength and profitability. Mission
"Minaa Group is committed to pursuing excellence in the Extraction, Processing and Refining of Minerals and also in its other hi-tech endeavors. We will strive to respond and serve the needs of all our stakeholders and make a positive contribution to the society that we exist in. We will continue to sharpen our competitive edge and constantly achieve the highest standards in product quality, promote and practice environmental consciousness and provide excellent customer service."

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